2018 July, Fort Myers with Lydia, Susan, Maddi, and Ella

2018 April, LBBC Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference Philly

2018 January, Beck's Trip to Cancun

2017 December, Family trip to California

2017 November, Visit with relatives in Nashville, Tennessee

2017 October, Eli Lilly trip to share my story in Orlando, Florida

2017 September, Girls trip to New Buffalo, Michigan

2017 August, A Fresh Chapter retreat in San Francisco, CA

2017 April, Philadelphia LBBC Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference

2017 April, New York City with my niece, sisters-in-law and mother-in-law

2017 March, Girls Trip to Tennessee

2016 December, Grand Cayman

2016 December, Las Vegas with friends

2016 August, La Jolla CA for research participation

2016 April, Philadelphia LBBC Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference

2016 March,  Illinois trip with Adam & Brandi

2016 February, Girl Trip to New Buffalo, Michigan

2015 December, Orlando for my parents' 50th Anniversary

2015 October, Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum at Dana-Farber in Boston

2015 August, Ft. Myers with my oldest and our friends

2015 April, Pennsylvania trip with Lydia's 5th grade class

2015 April, Philadelphia for LBBC Metastatic Breast Conference

2015 January, Girl trip to Key Largo

2015 January, Family trip to Grand Cayman

2014 December, Chicago to see Cinderella & Newsies