A Soccer Mom's Dream Come True

It was 2008, Luke was 10 and Levi was 9.  One of my older nephews was on the high school soccer team.  Luke and Levi loved playing soccer, and they loved being ball-boys for all of the home high school soccer games.  On October 10, 2008, the high school boys won Sectionals. All four of my boys were ecstatic.  I was overwhelmed with joy by watching the team's excitement as they held their trophy in the air, and could only hope for a day that my boys would be able to do the same. 
As I took pictures of the my little ball-boys of the winning game, Luke held the trophy in the air and said..."Some day, I am going to hold my own Sectional trophy!"

Eight years later, Luke is a senior, Levi a junior and David a freshman. They had the school's best record of 11-2 heading into Sectionals. We weren't too worried about the first game as we had already beat this team in the regular season.  Luke scored 6 goals, winning 8-2. 

Sectional finals would be against the 6 year defending Sectional Champions on their home field, and a team that accounted for one of our 2 losses of the season.  Everyone knew it would be a tough game. 
Shirtless David after his winning goal
The game went scoreless leading to two 7 minute overtimes.  The overtimes went scoreless leading to a penalty shoot-out.  Now I do not know if you have ever witnessed a soccer penalty shoot-out, but they are very intense!  Five players from each team take turns kicking a penalty shot against the goalie in hopes that one team scores more out of five than the other.
Luke was last in the line of five. Both teams hit all five!
#13 Levi
Now there would be a second penalty shoot-out with five different players from each team. Levi, David and my nephew Austin were three of the 2nd group of five.  It came down to David, he was the last of our five to kick.  If he made it, we won, if he missed, we would be tied again. 
He calmly walked out, set the ball, and kicked it past the goalie into the net.

The fans exploded.  The team all jumped in a pile on top of my little freshman. 
#9 Luke

It was every athlete's mother's dream to watch my three boys hugging and celebrating. My dream had come true and so had theirs. 
I consider it a sweet gift of a special moment from God.  A moment I was here to see, and a moment they will never forget.  See Video below!