Stable is Good

Wow...two months have flown by since I lasted posted. It's not that I do not have anything to update.  I guess that I am just not really sure what the update is.  Right now, I am in a scary place that no cancer patient really wants to be.  It is a foggy place where I am running away from progression, enduring the brutality of side effects while searching for that next line of treatment that will clear the path for a while. 
When my Kadcyla treatments stopped working in July, I switched to Xeloda which was a chemotherapy pill that I did along side Herceptin infusions.  After two rounds, new scans showed  that this line of treatment was not cutting it. 
So now treatments #36, #37, #38 and #39 have been a chemotherapy called Doxil. It looks like Hawaiian Punch going into my veins! My understanding is that it damages the DNA of cancer cells that tells them how to divide. I have been okay with dealing with the somewhat manageable side-effects as my last scans showed that all of my cancer areas have remained stable!  Stable is good! 
Infusions are every four weeks instead of three which is also nice!  I am not really sure how long someone can stay on Doxil as it can be damaging to the heart...but honestly most of these cancer drugs are.  But no worries right now, my cousin who is a Cardiologist says my ticker is looking good. :) So for now Doxil it is!

Our family is looking forward to a fun winter break together!
Merry Christmas!