Autumn Blessings

I do love Autumn. It really is so beautiful to watch the sun colorfully rise and set each day. It reminds to be present…as I deal with the continuous cancer changes and brokenness everyday with not only myself but many of me dear friends. Cancer does not care. I am so stuck in a world where I want to pray it all away and I can’t. I feel like the best thing I can do for my friends who are suffering is to pray that they are able to find peace in theirs hearts and the grace to keep going.


Well what a crazy summer I had. Cancer… and I decided to make a lot of changes in my life. In July, I had 14 treatments of Whole Brain Radiation. This was not an easy or pleasant experience. It doesn’t hurt and it only takes 5 minutes to lay there and zap that brain. But that is just it, they are zapping your brain! The good news it that my last MRI shows shrinkage!

While I was doing the radiation, I had to stop doing my chemo treatments that I had started last September. They did me well while they could. Unfortunately, when I tried to go back on that chemo, my body had built a resistance to it, and I have now had to switch a new chemo treatment. I will be doing this new one with Herceptin on week 1, just the chemo on week 2, and week 3 off! I should know if it is working sometime in the next 9 weeks.

So I have decided to “retire” from working. I left my job of ten years and am taking quality time for myself! I am excited to do more national metastatic breast cancer advocate work. I am going to John Hopkins Metastatic Breast Cancer conference with Oncologists and Researchers and other patient advocates in November. I have few writing inspirations I am going to also work on.

I only have David and Lydia home now as the older three are in college. So this also is very different. Rather quiet except for when my four month old black lab gets in her crazy modes.

Life is good! I am okay! Sorry I have been quiet, but there is a lot of processing that cancer leaves with you periodically.

Bring on some beautiful Autumn Blessings!!